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Christman Hall

The Anne Christman Memorial Hall is the perfect space for a smaller, intimate reception or a ceremony with the atmosphere of a traditional church wedding. With inlaid vaulted ceilings painted with Gold Leaf, the space is sophisticated as is or with additional decoration. The large windows facing south and tall archways to the north, give this intimate space a cathedral atmosphere.


Tyler Grand Ballroom

The Jeanne D. Tyler Grand Ballroom is the ideal space for large receptions with the capability to host up to 550 guests. The spacious layout allows for a customizable floor plan, which can be unique to any wedding theme. The Ballroom has undergone several updates recently with a new entryway, wing walls, and stage area. Updates to the lighting with chandeliers and décor have given the space more elegance as well as adding to the versatility. Each couple can create a wedding that is distinctive to their vision for the day.


Formal Garden

Located on the south side of the building, the Garden is a beautiful setting for an outdoor ceremony or reception. It is home to the original fountain, which has been restored with ambient lighting and is the centerpiece of this space. It is also a picturesque setting to host a pre-reception Cocktail Hour.



The Ballroom Lobby, located on the first floor, and the Concert Hall Lobby, located on the second floor, are versatile spaces that can host various events of a wedding celebration. The Concert Hall Lobby can host a ceremony or reception, and the Ballroom Lobby is the perfect setting for a Cocktail Hour prior to a reception in the Grand Ballroom. These spaces have an elegance that cannot be duplicated with intricate detailing and a backdrop of grand staircases.

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Conscious Wedding Basics

Buzzwords like green, eco-friendly, conscious, and sustainable have been everywhere for some time now. You utilize environmentally-friendly options that will also keep a little extra cash in your pocket. There are so many parts of your big day that you can customize to be “green.” Here are the basics!

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90’s Wedding Trends

Is there a generation that loves nostalgia more than Millennials? The 90’s seem to be this magical time that this generation, born between 1980 and 1996, wants to hold onto. Let’s take a trip down memory lane and look at wedding trends from the 1990’s!

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Finding Balance and Self Care in Wedding Planning

As we have discussed so many times, wedding planning can be so stressful. The phrase “self care” is trendy right now, but there is definitely some merit to the practice! You might immediately think of upscale spas and restrictive juice cleanses — these aren’t your only options! Finding balance during this crazy season of your life can be simpler than you think.

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Winter Wedding Guide

Winter is generally considered the off-season for weddings. However, it is becoming increasingly more popular to tie the knot in the winter months. Only 15% of weddings occur between December and March. Because of this, vendors and venues may offer a discounted rate. This is just one thing to keep in mind when planning a winter wedding. Read on for more tips and considerations!

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Assigning Bridal Party Responsibilities

Your bridal party is there to be more than just a bunch of pretty faces. Put them to work! There is no better team to help support you through this big day than your family and friends that you have chosen to stand by your side.

Here is our list, broken down by Maid (or Matron) of Honor/Best Man, and Bridesmaids/Groomsmen.

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How to Create Your Wedding Snapchat Filter & Hashtag

From signature cocktails to choreographed first dances, the must-haves at weddings have evolved over the years. Having a custom Snapchat filter and catchy hashtag have become the latest trend! Thankfully, you don’t have to have a tech degree to create them! Follow these simple steps for creating your Snapchat filter and check out the tips on curating a fun hashtag.

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Getting Engaged During the Holidays

What is more picturesque than the whole family gathered around the tree, sipping eggnog, and snow falling right outside the window? If this seems like the perfect scene to pop the question, you aren’t alone! Approximately 40% of proposals occur between Thanksgiving and New Years Day. Let’s consider the pros and cons of getting engaged during the holidays. 

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Planning Your Guest List

When it comes to deciding who you want with you on the big day, it can become a stressful ordeal. We saw Carrie Bradshaw decisively strike guests when she needed to pare down her guest list in the Sex and the City movie. We all remember Rachel not being invited to Ross’s wedding on Friends. The guest list is a source of pain for some and quite simple for other. It doesn’t have to be painful! Here are the basics to help you get off to a good start.

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5 Things NOT to do on Your Wedding Day

You just spent months and months planning and preparing for your wedding day, now that your day is here it should (hopefully) be a little less hectic. Your wedding day should be full of excitement and happy tears, not tears developed from stress and sadness. We have come up with a few tips to promote smooth sailing and a night to remember.

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Planning your Perfect Signature Wedding Cocktails

Custom cocktails have become one of the latest and greatest trends to include on your wedding day. These signature sips have been known to include cutesy garnishes, bright colors, and ornate glasses. So how exactly are you going to give guests the option to choose “his” or “her” fave libation? The choice may be easy if you and your partner already have a go-to drink that you want to share with your guests. If not, don’t worry we have a few tips to help you make your selection. Really stuck? Check out these amazing recipes for our favorite easy-to-make inexpensive cocktails.

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6 Tips for Choosing a Wedding Photographer

Finding the right photographer can be one of the hardest things in the wedding process. Although there are blogs, social media posts, and endless galleries, there’s no “taste-test” that will tell you exactly what you can expect from a wedding photographer.

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Crafting the Perfect Wedding Invitation

So you are currently on your wedding planning journey, you have selected a venue, date, and said yes to the dress. Now you hit a speed bump. How are going to get all of the information to your guest list? It is time to start thinking about your wedding stationery and invitation. There are so many details, how much is too much information to include? Here is a little help in crafting the perfect wedding invitation.

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7 Ceremony Rituals and Traditions, and their History

Unity ceremonies or traditions represent the unbreakable bond you are creating with your partner. Incorporating one into your ceremony is a great way to include family or religious traditions into your day. Not to mention, give your ceremony a personalized touch. You are probably familiar with some of the more common wedding ceremony rituals, such as lighting a unity candle or breaking a piece of glass, but you might not know the history behind them.

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Wedding Favors: should we or shouldn’t we?

Are you thinking of including wedding favors as part of your big day? Favors have been a part of wedding tradition for many years ranging from extravagant to simplistic. There is no need to be over the top or expensive to make an impact, a thoughtful trinket can show appreciation to your guests for their attendance. You have so many options to match the formality, style, and budget of your wedding day.

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How to Choose my Bridal Party

Deciding who will stand by you at your wedding may seem like an easy task, but think long and hard about the people you will surround yourself with. Take some time to encompass the details before you ask just anyone to be a part of your special day. Here are some tips to make sure your bridal party is drama-free and easy to work with.

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What’s for Dinner? At Your Wedding Reception

Deciding on the menu for your wedding reception can be tough. You’ll have everyone from picky to adventurous eaters, and you’ll most likely have to settle for a menu somewhere in between. There are usually three, sometimes more, courses of food to select. Couples sometimes opt to have a cocktail hour between the wedding ceremony and reception including appetizers and beverages. Some receptions feature a sit-down meal where salad and the main course are served, others will offer the food buffet style.

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Make Your Wedding Fun! With Specialty Services

There are a lot of ways to make your wedding day memorable not only for you but for your guests too! If you’re looking for a way to spice up your special day and provide your guests with a wedding that’s a little outside of the box, here are some ways you can make that happen.

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How to Make Out of Town Wedding Guests Feel Welcome

Traveling can be so stressful, especially for out of town guests attending your wedding. Part of your job, as the couple, is to provide them with the most relaxed trip as possible. Helpful resources such as arranging transportation, creating welcome baskets, and printing itineraries can bring comfort to your guests. Make them feel welcome and appreciated for making the journey for your big day!

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Choosing the Perfect Wedding Style

There are a lot of things to consider when developing a style for your wedding. Perhaps the most important thing about your wedding style is that it should accurately represent you and your partner. The wedding theme will help a lot with decision making as well From party attire to music choice, it’s important to decide on a theme early, and stick with it. If you’re lost, don’t panic! We’re here to provide you with some helpful ideas to get the ball rolling.

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The Youngstown Cookie Table

If you’ve ever been to a wedding in the Youngstown, Ohio area you’re probably aware of the locally famous tradition of the Cookie Table. As soon as guests arrive at the wedding reception, the first thing their hungry eyes draw to are the hundreds of cookies laid out along several tables in the reception area.

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Take the Pain out of Bridesmaid Dress Shopping

Once you’ve said yes to your dress, it’s time to tackle the next big step… your bridesmaid’s attire. This task can become quite complex, each of your girls have varying budgets, shapes, sizes, and styles. Here are a few things to consider that will make the dress hunt easier on everyone.

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Stocking the Bar: a quick how to

Whether or not you choose to have a bar at your wedding is totally up to you and your family. It’s your day! It can be a pain trying to figure out what you will need, how much you need, who is going to provide it, where do I find bartenders…whew! Here are some pointers…

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How do I choose a band or DJ that fits my style?

Having exceptional music is an essential part of a wedding reception. Attending a wedding where the DJ or band is killing the mood with their music choice is the worst. Asking the right questions and taking the time to research can ensure you select your perfect match! Where on Earth should you start? Here are a few of our tips.

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De-Stress Wedding Planning with our 12 Month Checklist

The first two months of wedding planning are typically dedicated to the foundation of your wedding. Deciding on a date is probably your biggest hurdle. Of course, with the risk of unavailability, it’s best to come up with a backup date. Most couples rather skip over the next step and go straight to cake testing, but setting a budget is essential in the planning process.

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Congratulations, You’re Engaged! Now What?

Once you’ve said Yes to the big question, there are tons of things to be excited about. Most importantly, you’re engaged! Often with excitement and the transition from dating to engaged, comes underlying anxiety to get things moving in the wedding planning department. Don’t stress! Here are a few things to do to reduce stress and keep moving, starting with taking the time to celebrate.

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