Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Planning your perfect signature Wedding Cocktails

Custom cocktails have become one of the latest and greatest trends to include on your wedding day. These signature sips have been known to include cutesy garnishes, bright colors, and ornate glasses. So how exactly are you going to give guests the option to choose “his” or “her” fave libation? The choice may be easy if you and your partner already have a go-to drink that you want to share with your guests. If not, don’t worry we have a few tips to help you make your selection. Really stuck? Check out these amazing recipes for our favorite easy-to-make inexpensive cocktails.

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How to make your choice?


Take the time to think about your bar menu. It may seem simple to just choose some yummy looking cocktails, but what is really going to make your guests happy?


1. Your Guests

You know who you have invited to your wedding. What do they link to drink? What do you serve up at parties at home? If you have a lot of beer drinkers don’t only give the option of a signature drink just because it is the trend.


2. Fancier is not always better

So you see a drink that is “so cute” with little curly fruit peel and rosemary sprig garnishes. Will everyone like that very specific taste? Do you even like that very specific taste? Sometimes it is easier and best to keep it simple.


3. Budget

Think about your budget when selecting a signature cocktail. If you choose something that has a lot of ingredients or expensive liquors you may price yourself out of giving your guests variety.


4. Don’t keep your guests waiting

So you chose a drink, and it requires muddling, and shaking, and stirring, and might result in an annoyed wedding guest. Or worse, a long bar line. By planning ahead and choosing a drink that can be prepared, or partially prepared in advance you could save your bartenders and guests time.

Photo Credit Menning Photographic

Easy Margaritas for a Crowd

This recipe simplifies the classic margarita. Wow your guests by offering a signature margarita, and don’t break the bank with added ingredients. When mixing by the pitcher you can save your bartenders time, and yourself money.

Six Ingredient Sangrias

Sangrias are definitely a hit, but can be such a pain. This sangria is only six ingredients and is made by the pitcher to serve a crowd. You can even have this delish drink prepared in a large drink dispenser to make serving even easier. Not quite sold on sangrias for the reception try this recipe for the bridal shower or rehearsal dinner.

Simple Whiskey Lemonade

Whiskey for the guys, or girls! Everyone always assumes that the whiskey drink is synonymous with the groom, but this sweet and sour drink is loved by all!

Cranberry Mint Fizz

It’s sweet, it’s minty, it’s fizzy, it’s perfect! This one is great for a summer or a winter wedding. Designed to be made by the pitcher you will again save time and money, all while keeping your guest’s tastebuds happy.

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