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Six Tips for Choosing a Wedding Photographer

Finding the right photographer can be one of the hardest things in the wedding process. Although there are blogs, social media posts, and endless galleries, there’s no “taste-test” that will tell you exactly what you can expect from a wedding photographer.

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Choose a Style

Looking through the tens of thousands of Pinterest boards with photographs from weddings, you can get a pretty good grasp of photography styles that pique your interest. Having an idea of what you like can help you narrow down which photographer to hire. If a photographer has tagged themselves with describing keywords, you should be able to seek them out by searching for the style you wish for. Styles can be categorized as classic, artistic, lifestyle, dramatic, and documentary.

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Start your search by Googling “local wedding photographers” or use services like The Knot or Wedding Wire to find photographers in your area. Look through their reviews, websites, and galleries to see what other clients have said about their camera work, personality, style, and costs. Another way to find local photographers is to use social media or message recently married couples you may know to ask for recommendations or reviews. Using this method may cut down a lot of time you could spend searching the web for people.

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After you have found a photographer that interests you, and you have looked through their work, the next step is to meet them. To save yourself time, make sure they have your wedding date available, then set up an interview.

The point of this interview is the test your personalities, remember you are going to have to spend one of the most important days of your life with this person or people, you will want to make sure you jive. You will also want to go over details and special requests to make sure the photographer feels comfortable and capable. Another good question to ask is if they have previously shot at the venue(s) you are using. These details can open opportunities for you to have more of an in-depth understanding of their experience and what they can do.

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Discuss the Cost

While you have the potential photographer with you, discuss the investment so that you can compare and contrast prices if needed. It’s important to ask what normally is included in wedding fees with their company. Photographers can often do everything from shooting the event to printing the photos. What will your wedding package include, and are there features you can cut that you might not want?

During this discussion, you should ask how long the photographer will stay with you at the wedding. Lastly, ask how long it will take for the photos from your wedding to reach you (some can take months and sometimes up to a year for albums).

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Sleep on it

Take some time to consider your options and give any sample photos another critical look. Compare packages and costs along with the personalities of each of the photographers. Once you’ve done this and you think you have the right photographer, go for it!

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Engagement Photos

If you want to test out your chosen photographer, engagement photos can be a great way to do this. Not only will an engagement session be a perfect opportunity to bond with your photographer, you can get a first-hand experience with them. A lot of other questions will be answered too. How long does it take them to give you a sneak peek? Will they share on Social Media? How long until I get my photos? How well does the photographer stay in communication with you after the shoot?


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  • I love that you suggested to discuss the costs with a photographer before you decide to hire them. My wife and I have been talking about finding a photographer for our daughter’s wedding, and it will be important for us to know that we could find one who we could trust will be good for our budget. I will be sure to consider their costs while we look for one to hire.

  • Thank you for stating that when looking for a photographer, you need to compare their personalities. My sister just got engaged and is getting married this spring and needs to find a photographer. I will definitely pass along all of your great tips and information to my sister so she can find the perfect wedding photographer.

  • Thanks for the tip about choosing a photographer who has a style you like since they each have a different style of taking and editing photos. My sister and her fiancee have been trying to find out which photographers might work well for their wedding. I should let them know they should look for one who has a style they like with wedding packages within their budget.

  • It makes sense that one should ask about what service the photographer offers before hiring them. My sister-in-law is getting married, and she needs to find a photographer. We will recommend her checking multiple cameraman’s portfolios to find out about their qualities as well.

  • I think it is great that you encourage people to actually interview the wedding photographer before hiring them. After all, you cannot rely on just their portfolio alone. You will want to talk with them and make sure that they are easy to work with and someone you can get along with while taking the photos.

  • Wow, I love the black and white photo of the couple kissing in front of their wedding reception party! I think that it is such a classy and loving photo. About a month ago, my sister got engaged to one of the nicest guys ever. I am so excited for her, and I am excited to start planning their wedding. We will have to start looking into reception centers so that they can plan out where they want stuff and how they could get photos like these!

  • Thanks for the tip to make sure a wedding photographer is available on your wedding day before you hire them. A buddy of mine wants to have a beach wedding, so we need a photographer who is good with sunsets. Because, can you really have a beach wedding and not do it at sunset?

  • My little sister has started planning her wedding soon. It is good to know that she will want to think about what types of pictures she wants. That way, she can make sure that the photographer and she are on the same page.

  • My brother is thinking about getting married in the Fall so that he can enjoy the beautiful colors of the trees. He would really like to get a professional to take all of the pictures for them. It was interesting to learn about how he should look at recommendations, reviews and their style of pictures.

  • My husband and I are thinking about how to help his sister plan her wedding, and I’m looking for information to choose the right photographer. I loved that you elaborated on the importance of narrow down your options by having a clear style in mind. I will let her read your article to help her choose the perfect photographer for her wedding.

  • It’s smart to make sure that they have your wedding date available before you even set up an interview because then you won’t be disappointed later if they aren’t free that day. My fiance thinks we should get a photographer for our wedding so I’m looking into it. I agree that it would be nice to have something to remember our wedding.

  • This is perfect article on choosing a perfect wedding photographer. Thanks for helping us and i love to read more article on the above topic. Keep it up and keep posting. I have been really impressed by going through your post which helps me very much in selecting wedding photographer.

  • It made sense when you said that engagement photo sessions are a good way to test the quality of any wedding photographer we’re considering. My fiance and I want to plan a glamorous outdoor wedding this fall since our families will be coming from out of town. I was feeling a bit overwhelmed about choosing a photographer before reading your article, so thanks for sharing!

  • I liked that you mentioned you need to start looking online to choose the right photographer for your wedding. My husband and I are thinking about how to help my sister to plan her wedding, and we are looking for advice about what to do to. I will let her know about your recommendations to choose the right wedding photographer for her.

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