Wednesday, November 27, 2020

Getting Engaged During the Holidays

What is more picturesque than the whole family gathered around the tree, sipping eggnog, and snow falling right outside the window? If this seems like the perfect scene to pop the question, you aren’t alone! Approximately 40% of proposals occur between Thanksgiving and New Years Day. Let’s consider the pros and cons of getting engaged during the holidays. 

The Good


💍 Sharing the Big News is Easy

During this time of year, friends and family are more likely to be in town. This means not having to worry about whether or not you have had the chance to tell Aunt Suzie before announcing it to the rest of the world.


💍 Photo Op!

If you enlist a family member to take candid shots of the big moment, you’ll already have a beautifully decorated set built right into the photo. Twinkling lights, a roaring fireplace, and snow-covered grass and trees — what’s not to love?


💍 Holiday Prices

The cost of engagement rings may be daunting to many people. However, have no fear, most jewelry stores want to take advantage of peak engagement season and offer holiday discounts on rings.


💍 Speaking of the Ring…

An engagement ring is a great built-in gift. You don’t have to worry about stocking-stuffers when there’s a ring in tow.


💍 A New Meaning

Getting engaged during the holidays can spark a new and special meaning to the holidays.


The Cons


🚫 Lost in the Mix

Proposing during a holiday get together means that the proposal is a smaller part of a larger event. It will not be its own special occasion.


🚫 Finding the Right Time

It may be difficult to find the right time in the midst of the holiday chaos. It could also feel quite awkward to have all eyes on you in such an intimate moment for you and your partner.


🚫 Holiday Stress

The holidays can be a very sweet time but also a very stressful time. This can have negative effects on a proposal. The partner being asked may not be totally present in the moment, they may feel added pressure, or they just may not be in the ideal mood. 


🚫 Keep in Mind

Along with the convenience of family and friends being readily available to share the news with, comes the barrage of questions about where and when the nuptials will be happening.

Be mindful of proposing when a family member is present that may be sensitive to the subject of engagements and marriage. This includes anyone who has recently been through a divorce or experienced the loss of a spouse. 


Ultimately, every couple is different. You know your partner best and what they will enjoy. Use these tips to make the best possible decision for your relationship!

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