Most Popular Bachelorette Party Locations

Are you a soon-to-be bride or a newly entrusted maid of honor and on the hunt for the best places to have your bachelorette party for you and your bride squad? Let’s get the party started! We have narrowed down a list of the top 5 most popular bachelorette party locations that will leave you […]

2022 Wedding Trends

Are you recently engaged and have a date set for 2022? Congrats! In order to inspire newly engaged couples on their big day, we wanted to share all the wedding trends we foresee this year, as well as a mood board we created to help with all your planning needs. From everything to the wedding […]

Wedding Day Emergency Kit Essentials

You have heard of Murphy’s Law, right? Anything that can go wrong, will. This doesn’t mean you have to live in fear of your wedding day, but you can assemble an emergency kit for the day with the basics: nail file, hair spray, bobby pins, etc. Here is a more in-depth list of items and […]

How to Create Your Wedding Timeline

How do you ease some of the stress on the day of your wedding? Having a well-thought-out wedding day timeline, of course! Having a schedule in place means that everyone knows what is happening, when it is happening, and where it is happening. Your timeline will also help vendors know when to make deliveries as […]

7 Bridal Shower Themes

Over the years, bridal showers have evolved. Gone are the days of stuffy showers. It is practically required for you to put a fun spin on them! Balloon arches and designated photo op spots are a must! Read on for bridal shower theme ideas; complete with decor, drink, and food suggestions for each one! Inman […]

Gift Ideas for Your Groomsmen

In our last post, we provided a list of gift ideas for your bridesmaids. This one is all about the guys! Groomsmen can be incredibly hard to buy gifts for. You want to get them something more than a generic “man” gift; but what? We’ve curated a list based on 3 categories: personalized gifts, practical […]

Gift Ideas for Your Bridesmaids

The task of deciding what gifts to give to your bridesmaids can be super simple or decidedly difficult. Well, we’re here to help! We have created a simple to follow method to help you choose the perfect gifts, the Three P’s: Pamper, Practical, Precious. You can mix and match amongst these categories for a nice […]

Most Requested Wedding Reception Songs

We’ve covered the wedding trends for the year; all about style, location, vendors, etc. But what about music? Music is one of the most important parts of the day, as it sets the mood. We compiled a list of some of the most-requested wedding reception songs. Check them out below! Amanda Goodin Photography The Classics […]

2021 Wedding Trends

Over the past year, the wedding industry has been completely shaken up. Couples have had to reschedule their weddings; some more than once. With this shake up, we have seen new and unique trends pop up — some as a result of the pandemic and some from just the naturally ever-evolving wedding industry.According to 81% of their followers say the pandemic has changed their expectations for their wedding. This year, we are also seeing that couples are generally making everything more intentional, focusing on the ceremony, creating more personalized details, and spending more money per guest to make them feel really included in the experience.

Conscious Wedding Basics

Buzzwords like green, eco-friendly, conscious, and sustainable have been everywhere for some time now. You utilize environmentally-friendly options that will also keep a little extra cash in your pocket. There are so many parts of your big day that you can customize to be “green.” Here are the basics!