SYCB Members –
Thank you once again for a productive rehearsal this past Tuesday evening. As a reminder, communication about absences is crucial, and your attendance matters each week for the success of the ensemble.
Please keep listening to the recordings of the music being performed, learning how your part fits into the greater. Please take a few minutes to look over a few sections in each piece of music that you know are more challenging. Also, it is important to get with a tuner and review/learn pitch tendencies for your specific instrument. There are also great resources online for this. Being able to center and match pitch is an important skill for all musicians.

Barbara Armstrong Scholarship

Attached is the information for the Barbara Armstrong Scholarship that is awarded each Spring to a Senior in the band. You may print these at home, but we will have hard copies at rehearsal next week. If you have any questions, please contact Mr. Husosky. Scholarship applications will be due on Tuesday, March 29th. 

Tuesday 2/22 Rehearsal Schedule
  • 6:40 pm:  Sectionals/Percussion Ensemble on stage
  • 6:45 pm:  Scarborough Fair
  • 7:15 pm:  Air For Band
  • 7:35 pm:  Short Break
  • 7:45 pm:  Witch and the Saint
  • 8:10 pm:  Steel Valley Transformation 
Keep up the good work and we look forward to seeing you all on Tuesday.
Mr. Husosky, Dr. Crist, Mr. Sensabaugh

Any student with a valid school ID may receive a free ticket. Students without a school ID receive their tickets at half price. Children/Students 13 years of age and younger may also receive a free ticket with the purchase of an adult ticket.