SYCB Rehearsal Tuesday, October 27 starting at 6:00pm

Today’s schedule will be as follows, updates have been made in bold:

6:00pm – “His Honor” – Concert Hall
6:35pm – Brass Ensemble – Concert Hall
6:35pm – Woodwind Choir – Ballroom
7:00pm – Flute Ensemble – Christman Hall
7:00pm – Clarinet Ensemble – Ballroom

7:35pm – Percussion Ensemble – Concert Hall
7:35pm – Brass Ensemble – Ballroom
7:45pm – Clarinet Quartet – Christman Hall

Keep practicing your parts and coming to rehearsal prepared. Marking music at home with a pencil will save valuable time during rehearsals. Remember to focus on aspects of music that have accidentals, difficult rhythms, and key signature changes. Keep up the hard work and good attendance! These are all critical to the success of our ensembles!