Welcome back and thank you for a GREAT first rehearsal! As always, your attendance is critical for the success of the ensemble. Remember to please communicate absences with us at sycb@stambaughauditorium.com. Attached is the information packet with a detailed rehearsal schedule and concert dates for the Spring semester.

Next week, our rehearsal will end at 8:00 pm to allow time for Senior Solo auditions. Please communicate this to your rides for pick up.

We will hold senior solo auditions on Tuesday, January 10, 2023 at 8:00 pm following SYCB rehearsal. An accompanist is not required for senior solo auditions, but it does help if there is one. Please make sure there is a band arrangement of the accompaniment for your solo as well. Please schedule your senior solo audition by calling 330-747-5175.

Included in this post is the rehearsal schedule as well as audio for the repertoire. Please listen to these to become more familiar with the music and your individual parts. 

Rehearsal Schedule for January 11, 2023
(subject to change)
  • 6:00-6:10: Warm-Ups
  • 6:10-6:30: Champion Spirit
  • 6:30-6:50: Song for Lyndsay
  • 6:50-7:15: Cenotaph
  • 7:15-7:55: Longford Legend, Mambo Perro Loco

Have a great week and we look forward to seeing you on Tuesday evening!

Mr. Husosky, Dr. Ferguson, Mr. Sensabaugh