Concessions Online Ordering

Safe Operating Protocol

  • Due to COVID-19 restrictions, there will only be 2 guests permitted entrance per dancer. 
  • Only dancers, studio owners, and teachers will be allowed backstage.
  • If any dancers, studio owners, or chaperones are over a temperature of 100.3 F during check in after several attempts they will not be permitted admittance into the venue.
  • Pipe & drape dressing areas will be provided in the Ballroom
  • There will be a boys dressing room backstage for any male dancers that need to change
  • Each studio may only use the dressing area assigned to them
  • Each dressing area will be cleaned and disinfected after use
  • Easy-ups are not permitted in the parking lot. 
  • Crockpots or other homemade prepared foods are not permitted to be brought into the facility

In Venue Directions

  • Registration and temperature checks will take place in the Ballroom Lobby on the Main Floor.
  • Girls Dressing Rooms are located in the Ballroom on the Main Floor
  • Boys Dressing Rooms are located in the stage level dressing rooms on the Second Floor 
  • Concessions are located in the Ballroom on the Main Floor
  • The Competition Space is located in the Concert Hall on the Second Floor
  • An elevator is located in the southwest corner of the building near the Garden Entrance on the Main Floor.