Friday January 23    Public Lecture: The Old New Atheism: Is Atheism a New Idea?
by Joshua D. Reichard, PhD 

7:00 - 8:30 pm

In this lecture, Dr. Joshua Reichard will explore a brief history of atheism and demonstrate that while the "new atheism" movement claims to represent human progress, atheists have coexisted with theists for millennia. Belief and disbelief have coexisted, in spite of scientific and intellectual advances in human culture. Thus, the question remains: in the end, is such belief or disbelief more a matter of the human intellect or the human heart?

Joshua D. Reichard, PhD, EdS, is the Academic Dean at Youngstown Christian School and the Resident Scholar at the Northeast Ohio CS Lewis Institute. Dr. Reichard is well-published in peer-reviewed academic journals focusing on education, philosophy, and theology.
  Wynonna & Friends
"Stories & Songs"
8:00 pm

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Everyone has a story to tell. And, for Wynonna Judd, those stories have been told through song with one of the most influential and important voices of our generation. Come experience the timeless tales of her unparalleled artistry as she takes you on the revolutionary journey of her 30 year platinum career.  Hear the stories that inspired her to record the songs, create the tours and make recording history while inspiring countless friends along the way. Joined by her 3-piece band including her husband, producer and award-winning artist Cactus Moser, they will take you inside the hits and history of this iconic artist. 

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